Nature's Child Reusable Breast Pads Organic Light & Discreet 6pk

Organic Cotton Breast Pads feel soft and absorbent against a new mums skin. Packaged beautifully because the every day miracle of a mother is beautiful! Nursing Pads as they are also known, are an essential part of all new mums daily routine. Organic Cotton is soft, pure and gentle on your nipple. Use with Certified Organic Nipple Balm


Light & Discreet Best used in pregnancy or end of breastfeeding as these are designed for light leakage only. Sore Nipples in Pregnancy can make it difficult to wear a bra so these silky soft cotton light layer in a bra can be a life saver! Not suitable for usual leaks, good buffer for light leakage.
Daytime/Regular 10cm diameter. A-D cup. Very absorbent and our most popular breast pad size. Suits most mums but if you are a D cup or plus, the next Large Size will be more suitable. TOP SELLER
Night/Large 12m diameter. Our Most absorbent breast pad. Larger and thicker than regular to see you through the night. Choose this size for 24 hour use if you wear a D cup plus bra or have heavy leakage.


Nature's Child is an award winning pioneer in the Australian Organic Industry creating products that parents can trust and babies love. Setting the standard for 18 yrs. in waste free, organic baby products.(est. 2000) We were Australia’s first certified organic baby brand and we now set the standard for waste free, plastic free, recyclable baby products. We fill a gap in any store offering truly waste free baby products.


Change as necessary. Every woman is different. You may need to change them every hour or every few ours. Nature will let you know when the baby arrives!

An upper layer of jersey cotton sits against your maternity bra. 100% Certified Organic Cotton. There is no waterproof layer ensuring there is 100% breathability for total comfort. The cotton is thick enough to protect your clothing, simply change them as they get wet. Washable breast pads are an essential item for all new mothers to keep clothing and bedding dry during the natural process of milk leakage.

Made with Love and GOTS Certified Organic Cotton in a Fair Trade Women's Collective in India.


Breathable Organic Cotton is a safe alternative to Disposable Breast Pads which are made from Bleached Paper and other reusable breast pads made from polyester. You can warm your breast pads before use which may assist with nipple soreness. Heat is a lovely supporting healer so worth a try!


How many packets does one woman need?

We recommend one packet of each size to start with. If you have a heavier flow, you can purchases extra packets as you need but there is no need to over-buy in the beginning. We want you to save money, not just have a softer and nicer to wear product. If you are still pregnant and experiencing sore nipple, then light and discreet will make your breasts more comfortable in a bra now. Light & Discreet are also good towards the end of breastfeeding. You won't need this size if you already have your baby. Start with one packet of regular breast pads. If you have heavy night flow, definitely get the large breast pads as they will absorb more and need less changing.

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