Nature's Child Amber Anklet - Mixed Colours 5g

This gorgeous Baltic Amber Anklet / Bracelet for Baby can be safely worn by your baby from any age. It is approximately 14cm long and is available in 2 colour options, cognac (dark honey) and mixed colours. 

The Nature of Amber is a Natural item from nature so each Nature's Child anklet/bracelet will have variation in bead shape and size but the total length will always be approximately 13-14 cm. Each bead is individually knotted for safety.


We call this an Anklet/Bracelet so you can choose how your baby should best wear it depending on the size of their wrist or ankle. How your baby chooses to wear it depends on a combination of what you like the look of and what best fits your baby. There is no greater benefit to a part of the body wearing it over others.

An amber baby bracelet/anklet is simply meant to be worn around baby's wrist or ankle while baby is awake. A baby should not chew an amber necklace.

Definitive scientific studies regarding the health benefits of wearing amber do not exist. You cannot make any claims or recommendations as determined by the ACCC as to the benefit of Amber Necklaces or bracelets. You must let parents decide for themselves.


Genuine Baltic Amber

This Amber Bracelet/Anklet for Babies is 100% Genuine Baltic Amber. We know because we have a direct line with the creators of these beautiful items in the Baltic Region of Europe.

Nature's Child recommends that parents should:

• Supervise your infant when wearing the anklet/bracelet
• Remove the anklet/bracelet when your child is asleep or unattended
• Do not allow your child to chew the anklet/bracelet
• Ideal if you love amber but don't like the idea of a necklace for your baby

About Nature's Child

Nature's Child is an award winning pioneer in the Australian Organic Industry creating products that parents can trust and babies love. Setting the standard for 18 yrs. in waste free, organic baby products.(est. 2000) We were Australia's first certified organic baby brand and we now set the standard for waste free, plastic free, recyclable baby products. We fill a gap in any store offering truly waste free baby products.

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