Allan K Sutton's My Colloidal Silver Glass 1L

The Original All purpose well-known amber glass bottle.


Stomach upsets, nausea, vomiting: Add 200mls to a large glass of water and drink as quickly as possible. Follow this by another large glass of water and lie down. Repeat 6 hrs later if necessary.

Stomach upsets when on holidays: When we are on holidays we have the opportunity to change our regular lifestyle through a change in diet (for example fresh fruit, different foods and spices, an increased amount of alcohol), and this can cause symptoms of diarrhoea, stomach discomfort and nausea arising from an imbalance in stomach acids, viruses or bacteria. To counteract this, we would suggest regular use of colloidal silver while on holidays 20ml/day. If in doubt as to the freshness of the food you have been eating, simply drink 20-40ml of colloidal silver after that meal.

Skin problems: Spray frequently as you like for minor issues, such as rashes, acne, abrasions, minor burns, sunburn, insect bites. For haemorrhoids or burning bottom due to hot, spicy foods or over-frequent toilet trips colloidal silver applied to the area will bring rapid relief.

Major Skin Problems: For deeper wounds, ulcers and burns it is best to cover the injury in a dressing saturated in Colloidal Silver. Apply fresh dressing daily.

Eyes: spray a fine mist frequently. Eyes are often red and sore for many reasons. On holidays especially, eyes suffer from the effects of such things as plane travel, air conditioning, to much sun, salt or chlorine water. In daily life, eyes suffer from allergies, air born infections such as conjunctivitis, and the effects of home or office heating and cooling. Eyes will respond well to regular spraying with an atomiser for soothing relief and prevention.

Ears, nose and throat: You can effectively deal with all these areas by spraying or using drops regularly. We suggest frequently applying, so using as often as possible, for faster results. Spray or dropper into the nose, gargling for in the throat, and apply by spraying or using drops for the ears and eyes. This is particularly effective after swimming or showering or when sickening with colds. It appears to work best when all these areas are treated together as if there is an irritation or infection in one; generally, all areas become affected.

Air Travel: Plane flights can be made miserable by the pain of ear pressure and the discomfort of a blocked sinus. Use drops or spray as often as you like before flights and during flights to relieve major causes of pressure and pain. The bonus is that you are also killing airborne bacteria and virus which are usually rife in confined spaces where the air is recycled.

Colds Sore throats, Flu: At the first sign of cold, flu and sore throats, frequently apply before the virus gets a hold, using spray and drops for eyes, nose and throat. Also take 25ml orally hourly once symptoms begin, gargling then swallowing (for children halve this dose). It is suggested not to drink or eat 10 minutes after taking colloidal silver to allow full absorption, but then follow by drinking plenty of water.

Continue to take for at least a couple of days after no symptoms are present. Follow by use of a good probiotic.

Dental Health: Used as a bottle of mouthwash this product is very useful in reducing gum inflammation, mouth ulcers and bad breath. Swish 5-10ml in mouth after teeth have been brushed and rinsed. Then swallow. DO NOT RINSE with water after using colloidal silver.

Psoriasis: Use externally and internally combined for best effects

Sinus: Use drops or spray as often as liked. Can be useful for snoring when used before sleeping

Around the home: The spray can be used as a natural cleaner/disinfectant in kitchens and bathrooms to eliminate bacteria. It is also effective in the fridge, eskies and storage containers to remove bacteria and bad odours. It can be spayed in smelly shoes or anywhere in the home to stop and to eliminate the offensive odours.

An Excellent Water Purifier: While travelling or camping it can be added to drinking water for water purification and elimination of musty, stale taste (20ml/litre is suggested). Mix well and then leave for 5 minutes before consuming.

Pets: Colloidal Silver is of great benefit to cats and dogs for their overall immune systems health. Skin inflammation and body order can be effectively reduced. We suggest adding to drinking water 5-30ml daily depending on size. You can spray the animal's sore eyes, into their ears, and onto cuts and sores for fast relief of pain, irritation, or infection.

Cats: Colloidal Silver stops the strong odour associated with cat trays. Just spray on litter and leave. When cleaning tray gives a final rinse with colloidal silver. It is also excellent to remove the terrible smell of Tomcats when they have sprayed around your garden or home.


For internal use

General daily maintenance: Adults drink 15- 20mls Children under twelve 5-10mls

For more acute needs: Adults drink 25-30 ml hourly, Children under 12: 12.5 to 15mls hourly.

For external use

Dab directly on the cut, wound, skin infection, acne, skin inflammation, burn, sunburn or insect bite, as often as necessary to give relief.

For larger wounds, burns and ulcerations apply a fresh dressing daily, saturated in colloidal silver. Keep covered and change the dressing daily.

Colloidal Silver can be applied to sore ears, eyes, throat and nose, as often as needed for relief of redness, pain or mild infection.

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